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Goal without a plan is just a wishWhat is your measure of success for your student after graduation?

Is it completing a four year college degree? Is it completing a two year associates degree? Is it completing a trade school and entering an apprenticeship program?  Or maybe it is obtaining gainful employment out of high school to help them be independent tax paying, health insured adults.  Or a combination of the above. Whatever your measure of success is for your student, it doesn’t happen by chance or at least successfully by chance.

I have witnessed many parents and students during their student’s senior year of high school who are panicked because they are not sure what direction to go. However, often times that same panic is not with the student.  Many of the students have a dream but unfortunately it isn’t realistic for a number of reasons. It might not be commiserate with their abilities,  doesn’t meet the financial constraints of their family or just isn’t well thought out.  Of course, there are those few that do have a good plan and that is when you say…go for it! If it fails, you are there for them to make adjustments.

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unspecifiedWhether you are just starting your search or it has been a long journey to get to this point, allow me to help you navigate the sometimes complicated transition from high school to post secondary for your young adult with LD/ADHD and/or Autism Spectrum.  It may seem at times like you are wading through a thick forest of trees, but there are rays of hope and options to consider more today then even five years ago.

I come at this quest to help your young adult find the “right fit” as a parent who has been in your shoes.  A parent who has had to advocate for my LD/ADHD child throughout his school years, both in the public and private school system.  I feel your anxiety, your apprehension and yes, your excitement about the next step in your young adult’s life.  Because it should be exciting for both you and your young adult! After all, isn’t that our job as a parent? To help our children become confident, responsible and independent adults?  It may take some a little longer than others, but that ultimately should be our goal.  Contact me if you are ready to embark on this new journey. Together we will search for the “right fit”, hand-in-hand, step-by-step.