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LaunchPad offers full-service college and career consulting for high school students and young adults. Our personalized collaborative approach helps to make the process stress-free for both the student and parent.

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“Beth’s guidance has kept our family on track throughout the college application process. She coached our son as he wrote his essays and applied to selected schools, identifying several options to meet his learning differences. Beth also answered all my questions based on her personal experience or by tapping into her network of consultants. Now we are in the fortunate position of choosing a college from the many acceptances our son received.”

– Susan, Parent

“Working with Beth was fantastic! She is not only passionate and dedicated to her work, but to her students, as well. She took special attention to really get to know our son and had genuine regard for his success and well-being. Beth truly went above and beyond when it came to her guidance, advice and support. Her one-on-one work with my son gave him valued confidence and made the process go smoothly for all of us. We were thrilled that my son was accepted to all of his top pick universities! Beth is excellent at what she does, and we highly recommend her.”

– Melissa, Parent

“When at our wit’s end, Beth was a ray of sunshine and hope. She worked with our 21-year-old son to identify his interests and abilities, then match them with career paths. She understood how to speak with and approach him from the start. Beth expertly navigated conversations with him which had been minefields for us. Previously struggling to identify a path, our son is now working toward his goals in law enforcement in the US Army MP training program. Our son felt heard and was able to receive third-party feedback based on resources & constructive conversation with Beth. We’re forever thankful!”

– Ginny, Parent

“Beth was so valuable in this college process. This was our first child to go to college and we needed a lot of hand holding in the beginning about the processes. Beth was so patient with us and really helped our son organize himself and stay on tasks. We were able to get all our applications in early his senior year and were happily accepted to his top choices. Beth really went above and beyond and even did a college visit with us. I highly recommend using her services.”

– Tania, Parent

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

Although college may not be for everyone, education is power.

We are a firm believer that gaining post secondary education will open doors. What you do after the door is open is up to the individual.