LaunchPad Consulting Group Testimonials


”  Children with Learning disabilities and ADHD need help to make the transition from academic life to the post-college working world, an issue that is hardly recognized and greatly underserved. Beth McGaw has been an invaluable resource for our daughter, now in her mid-twenties, helping to figure out an appropriate career path inclusive of details related to the actual job search.  Her strategies for organization, the setting of goals and priorities with an emphasis on focus and followup, all played a huge part in the fact that our daughter is now happily situated and engaged in her field. Beth continues to work with our daughter on the “executive functions” of life, improving upon skills critical to professional success as well as everyday life.  It’s unfortunate that we did not know Beth throughout the school years.  Her ability to break down and present material in a most patient, supportive, and resourceful way, is a true gift to anyone, of any age, that might have a learning difference. ”   -Paula, Parent

Beth is wonderful! She worked with our 21-year-old son, Andy, to identify his interests and abilities, then match them with career paths.  She understood how to speak with and approach him from the start. We are so grateful for her willingness to consult with us before meeting with Andy. Beth expertly navigated conversations with him which had been minefields for us. Previously struggling to identify a path, Andy is now working toward his goals in law enforcement in the US Army MP training program. When at our wit’s end, Beth was a ray of sunshine and hope. Andy felt heard and was able to receive third-party feedback based on resources & constructive conversation with Beth. We’re forever thankful!  -Ginny, Parent

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