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10 Things You Need to do to be Ready for Success in College

The transition to college starts today! For students with learning disabilities, ADHD, or on the spectrum, researching the support offered at each college is just as important as the major.  Now is the time to get ready for success in college. You need to take stock of the accommodations you use in high school and make sure you are working on your independent living skills.  Here are ten things you need to do to be ready for success in college. 

  • Plan for dealing with a lot of text! Are you using a digital textbook or a paper copy? Do you prefer audiobooks? Which works best for you? 
  • Understand how to navigate a LMS. Does your school use a learning management tool such as Canvas? If so, you may have learned where to find your syllabus, schedule, grades, homework, and extra reading supplements.  If your high school is not using digital tools, this may be a stumbling block for you during your first semester in college.  You can take a dual credit class through the community college that can provide that experience while you earn college credit. 
  • Start keeping track of your schedule on your phone or another planning device. One paper planner that I like is the Planner Pad Organizer. It takes the more significant tasks and breaks them down into the daily tasks and then the hourly tasks for that day.  
  • Learn to check your emails daily! Professors and others will be contacting you via email more than using text. 
  • Work on creating a digital filing system on your computer to save homework and other work.
  • If possible, start going to appointments on your own.  Set reminders on your phone to make sure you arrive on time. 
  • Set the alarm and get yourself out of bed each morning.
  • Learn how to do your own laundry Your mom and dad will appreciate this one, and so will your roommates! 
  • Work on decreasing procrastination. Try to plan out studying for tests, working on projects, etc. That’s where the Planner will come in handy.
  • Practice problem solving and self-advocacy.

To help, we’ve created two organizers for you! One for Taking Stock of your Accommodations and one to check-in on how you are doing with the Independent Living Skills you need to be ready for college. 


Click on the picture above to download a pdf of the organizer and be sure to follow us on Instagram for regular tips and updates for helping with your college planning!

Planning for college doesn’t need to be stressful!

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