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Could’ve. Would’ve. Should’ve

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As a parent there are decisions that I wish I could have made, would have done or should have done.

There are definitely decisions and choices in life that we look back on and wish we had done differently. If only I had tried that therapy, changed schools or did more research. But if we hadn’t made that decision then we wouldn’t have learned from that experience that led to the current outcome. Who knows if that outcome is the decision I should have made in the first place which created a more resilient son helping him learn how to deal with rejection later in life.

It is inevitable that our children will grow up to become adults. And for the most part be independent enough to live on their own. I know some of us have a hard time letting go because we have done so much for our children and we are afraid they can’t do it on their own. It is difficult to watch our kids fail. But don’t think of failure as falling down but failing up. Our job as parents is to lead them on a path towards being responsible and independent. The decisions we might regret are all part of the learning experience for you and your child.

To help support me on my journey I turned to the Learning Disabilities Association of Georgia, a state affiliate of the Learning Disabilities Association of America. I found myself getting more involved, meeting other parents in my situation and connecting with professionals. I then got more involved in the LDA and now serve on the board of directors where I have been privileged to meet other parents going through similar journeys and professionals who have guided some of my decisions. Most of all I have made lifelong friends.

So the next time you start thinking, “I could’ve, would’ve, should’ve..”, think back to what you learned from that situation and move forward with confidence. Seek out others to guide you when you have questions and know you are doing the best job possible given each situation.

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